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Companies | Anthem Venture Partners

72 Silicon Beach

Founded: 2005

Public Symbol: TRUE

TrueCar is an information and technology platform that enables its users to communicate with TrueCar Certified Dealers for a hassle-free car-buying experience.

TrueCar is dedicated to removing the complexity from the car-buying process and making it fair. Since 2005 more than 800,000 vehicles have been delivered to TrueCar users by Certified Dealer partners and TrueCar users have collectively saved more than $1.75 billion off of MSRP since inception.


Acquired by: Amicus Therapeutics

Celenex delivers a life-saving gene therapy treatment that cures children with Batten disease, a group of severe neurodegenerative disorders characterized by loss of vision, breakdown of motor skills and ongoing seizures. Unlike other therapies that use painful and frequent treatments that are only able to reduce symptoms, Celenex takes a curative approach for juvenile patients suffering from these rare and ultra-rare genetic diseases in order to cure the cause. Backed by a diverse team including the leading innovator in gene therapy, successful technology entrepreneurs and the father of two young daughters battling Batten Disease, Celenex is powered by industry visionaries who are steadfast on bringing this ground-breaking treatment to market, in order to save lives.

For more Info: https://www.genengnews.com/news/amicus-expands-into-gene-therapy-with-celenex-acquisition/



Founded: 2003

Acquired by: Google

Android is a software company that makes an open-source operating system for mobile phones.

Founded: 2008 Partnered: 2008

Acquired by: Micro Focus

Interset provides an innovative approach to information security and forensic investigations by using work-log data of enterprise users. The solution addresses the challenges related to advanced detection of risk and data loss by effectively tracking and maintaining control over sensitive unstructured information and intellectual property as it travels throughout the extended enterprise.

Entropic Communications
Founded: 2001

Public symbol: ENTR

Entropic Communications is a fabless semiconductor company that provides semiconductor products and system solutions for broadband communications. Entropic’s products allow consumers to easily share digital entertainment throughout the home by leveraging the existing coax cable infrastructure to fundamentally change the way content such as video (SDTV & HDTV), music, gaming, and images are accessed and shared in the home. The core technology has been embraced by cable, telco and satellite operators, set-top box OEMs, network equipment OEMs, and consumer electronics OEMs world-wide.


Acquired by: Intel

Cognet designs and develops integrated solutions for fiber optic communications networks. Cognet combines innovative circuit design architectures with proven CMOS IC fabrication technology to provide high performance, low cost solutions for telecom and datacom markets. The initial product line of PHY layer IC’s includes laser/VCSEL drivers, preamplifiers and postamplifiers for SONET OC48, OC192 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet markets.

Ocata Therapeutics, Inc.
Founded: 1994

Public Symbol: OCAT

Ocata Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company applying human embryonic stem cell technology in the emerging field of regenerative medicine. New developments in stem cell biology, and Ocata Therapeutic’s research efforts in particular, have the potential to revolutionize medicine by enabling the production of human cells of any kind for use in a wide-array of therapies for immunological and age-related diseases. The company went public as Advanced Cell Technology via a reverse merger in February, 2005.


Founded: 2005 Partnered: 2009

Acquired by: Akamai Technologies

The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) helps organizations succeed on the social web by providing leading technology to leverage the popularity of social networks and identities for user acquisition, engagement, and enhanced customer intelligence. The company’s solutions, including social login, social sharing, social profile data collection and storage, access to the social graph, and digital strategy services, improve the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives for leading brands like Fox, Universal Music Group, Whole Foods, Purina, Samsung and Dr Pepper.

Dot Wireless
Founded: 1997

Acquired by: Texas Instruments

Dot Wireless, based in San Diego, California, develops and markets a complete portfolio of advanced CDMA products including integrated circuits, embedded protocol software, hardware reference designs and licensable intellectual property (IP) to wireless communications equipment manufacturers.

Corus Pharma
Founded: 2001

Acquired by: Gilead Sciences

Corus Pharma develops drugs to treat unmet needs in respiratory and infectious diseases. The company’s core competencies reside in the identification of drug candidates, rapid clinical development, and efficiently securing FDA approval for products. Corus management brings extensive executive and research experience from companies such as Pathogenesis, Genentech, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Solar Flare
Founded: 2001

Acquired by: Xilinx

Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware that facilitate the acceleration, monitoring and security of network data.

Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2018

Developer of an application for online money transfer. The company leverages block-chain technology to merge money transfer and payments via a digital cash wallet enabling purchase and storage of digital currency directly on the smartphone. The company provides a non-custodial wallet platform supporting dozens of global currencies.

Return Path
Founded: 1999

Acquired by: Validity

Return Path is the expert in deliverability. Every day, our customers trust our data and insights to help them optimize their email marketing. Partnered with best-in-class email service providers, we help marketers take their email programs to the next level by driving more response and increasing revenue.

Affinity Networks
Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2014

Affinity Networks provides mobile messaging and community as a service (CaaS) for publishers, game developers and content creators. They make it dead simple to launch a completely white-label app for your brand or embed their platform into an existing app.

Affinity Networks products are free because they’ve figured out how to generate incremental “found” advertising impressions for their partners and we split that revenue with them. Simple dimple.

Founded: 2002 Partnered: 2004

Established in 2002, Audyssey is the industry leader in research-based sound technologies for the professional and consumer audio marketplace. Our innovative technologies have won various awards and can be found in some of the world’s best-known brands.

Founded: 2011 Partnered: 2012

Acquired by: Dreamworks

Big Frame is a media company that provides marketing and production resources for the biggest YouTube Influencers, and creates video advertising campaigns for top brands that reach the right audience next to premium content. The Big Frame network on YouTube represents top online talent including MysteryGuitarMan, Destorm, Julian Smith, DaveDays, WhatsUpElle, Tay Zonday, and more, helping them grow their audiences and giving their fans more of what they love.

Founded: 2017 Partnered: 2018

Bird is a reliable last mile electric scooter rental service.

Founded: 2005 Partnered: 2005

Blurb is a creative publishing and marketing platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. Blurb’s platform makes it easy to design, publish, market and sell professional-quality books, using the Blurb Bookify online bookmaking tool, Blurb’s free, award-winning Blurb BookSmart app or by using Blurb’s PDF to Book workflow. Blurb’s bookstore and online marketing tools enable customers to market and sell their books, and keep 100% of their profit. Blurb’s social and community features allow customers to create and share Blurb books among friends and colleagues with ease.

Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2012

CARD.com is building the world’s first like-able financial brand. The company’s mission is to make payments fun, fair, fashionable and mobile.  Card.com makes cards fun by partnering with the world’s best brands like Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Elvis and Sesame Street for awesome card art and perks.  The company builds mobile payments solutions so members can manage and spend their money from their phone.

Cynvenio Biosystems
Founded: 2007 Partnered: 2009

Cynvenio is a cancer diagnostics company focused on transforming cancer treatment through the molecular analysis of tumor biomarkers in the bloodstream. This expertise has resulted in two distinct product offerings: ClearID™ Breast Cancer molecular testing program and LiquidBiopsy®. ClearID Breast Cancer assesses 50 oncogenes for more than 4,500 genetic mutations using next-generation sequencing. This test and real-time molecular analysis provide actionable information that can inform treatment considerations and help improve treatment outcomes. LiquidBiopsy is designed for industry and academic researchers to identify the presence of tumor-cell genetic mutations in whole blood. Founded in 2008, Cynvenio is headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif. (Los Angeles).

Founded: 2015 Partnered: 2019

DailyPay partners with companies to offer employees the ability to control when they get paid. Not only does this solution empower financial wellness, but for partner companies, it acts as a tool to recruit, retain, and engage the workforce. Founded in 2015 by Jason Lee and Robert Law, DailyPay is helping hundreds of companies improve their bottom line profit by giving people their first steps towards financial security.

Founded: 2015 Partnered: 2019

Innovative technologies that allow companies to capture more data through all kinds of sources and sensors. We seek to build that bridge to the story behind data.

Exos Financial
Founded: 2018 Partnered: 2019

Exos has built a next-gen platform for B2B institutional finance. A platform designed to deliver all the services of a traditional investment bank, reimagined and tailored to a modern digital world, all integrated into a powerful, modern technology platform driven by data and data science.

Founded: 2010

FabFitFun inspires happiness through discovery. We’re the #1 full-size subscription box, helping our members discover brands and products for a life well-lived.

Indie Semiconductor
Founded: 2007 Partnered: 2012

Indie Semiconductor designs and manufactures customized application specific mixed signal ICs for a variety of applications. Typically, an Indie Semiconductor IC will embed a microcontroller and several analog subsystems in a single device, which Indie Semiconductor delivers to the customer in the same fashion as a catalogue standard product. Applications include, home automation, white goods, remote telemetry, toys and industrial control.

Founded: 2016 Partnered: 2018

Jiko is a personal bank that combines first-of-its-kind technology with crazy simple features to help you safely use and invest your money.

Founded: 2017

Karma was founded by a team of immune engineers, nanotech scientists, and company builders to create a better solution. We’re developing Xavines™, off-the-shelf therapeutics designed to shut down the self-attacking rogue immune cells while leaving the rest of the immune system functional.

Founded: 2019 Partnered: 2019

Connecting regional communities to the world with friendly, reliable, low-fare transportation.

Founded: 2011 Partnered: 2013

Madefire is a media and technology company and creator of the five-star rated Madefire App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Working with legendary comic book creators, Madefire brings original, digital-first stories to life through motion and sound. Madefire has also created a unique publishing platform that allows writers and artists to build and publish their own content to iOS and the web, via devinatART, in an exciting new format called Motion Books. Madefire is working with the top publishers in the comics and graphic novel space to bring their hero IP to life on screens and mobile devices.

Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2014

Matic is a communication platform that connects lenders and borrowers originating a new home loan.

Founded: 2006 Partnered: 2009

Meez is a thriving online social entertainment community where over eight million registered users create 3D avatars, play games, send mobile greetings, and connect with friends in a compelling web-based virtual world. Meez offers a comprehensive virtual item-based economy, premium subscriptions, and integrated sponsorship options successfully used by top brands such as Nike, Sony, Snapple and Cover Girl.

Founded: 2011 Partnered: 2012

NewHound harnesses the power of mobile to help small businesses bring new customers to the table. Using the company’s innovative mobile platform, businesses large and small can build custom mobile websites featuring their products & services, portfolio, and even menu changes and prices, just by providing their business phone number and answering a few simple questions. Along with a personalized mobile website, NewHound works with Google to provide mobile advertising for local businesses and provides instant access to update content, post new exclusive customer discounts, and view analytics to see just how well the advertising campaigns are performing.

Founded: 2006 Partnered: 2011

Pricelock is the first company bringing Internet-integrated, patent pending, commodity price protection products to businesses and consumers. Pricelock’s mission is to innovate and market previously unavailable Internet-integrated commodity price management solutions to businesses and also to retail consumers. Their first offering was developed with Chrysler and will provide fuel price management and fuel price protection solutions for Chrysler car buyers at virtually every gas station in the United States.

Founded: 2018 Partnered: 2019
Creating a best-time-to-solution simulation platform for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Founded: 2011 Partnered: 2012

Scopely is a next-generation mobile entertainment network founded in 2011 by social gaming entrepreneur, Walter Driver; former Applied Semantics co-founder, Eytan Elbaz; former lead software developer on MySpace’s Developer Platform, Ankur Bulsara; and startup veteran, Eric Futoran.

Scopely is redefining the way social games are developed, distributed and monetized. Through its developer program, Scopely works with independent gaming studios to co-develop multiplayer games that leverage its platform for technology, distribution, marketing and monetization. This levels the playing field, allowing independent game developers to compete head-to-head against the largest game companies in the world in the battle for reach, revenue and users.

Founded: 2004 Partnered: 2005

SpinMedia is a team of obsessed cultural junkies creating the most influential and engaging editorial communities on the planet.  The company creates more than 1,000 mouth-watering stories and videos per day, fueling 45 trusted editorial brands; connecting 40 million fans around the topics they love, making SpinMedia a top 40 publisher.  SpinMedia reaches socially connected millennial influencers, who indulge their passion for pop culture through the brands they buy.  Through category-leading titles such as SPIN, Celebuzz, Buzznet, The Frisky, Idolator, Stereogum, Videogum, Hype Machine, The Superficial, WWTDD, XLR8R, PureVolume, Socialite Life, Gorilla vs. Bear, Concrete Loop, Go Fug Yourself, Absolute Punk, Pink is the New Blog and Brooklyn Vegan, among others, the company dominates entertainment and music news.  SpinMedia’s social content platform delivers an unforgettable experience for its fans to consume anywhere, anytime with a richness and depth no one else can match.

Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2012

Surf Air simplifies and enhances the flying experience through an exclusive all-you-can-fly monthly membership—Forbes called us the “future of flying.”  Surf Air plans first-class service on executive aircraft to and from convenient local airports in Los Angeles, The San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey and Santa Barbara with extended service planned for Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and regional markets nationwide.  Surf Air offers an attractive and sophisticated travel experience for frequent regional travelers—saving valuable time, eliminating hassle and always flying first-class.

The Lucky Group
Founded: 2010 Partnered: 2010

The Lucky Group is a content-to-commerce company that combines the best-in-class technology from the team that created BeachMint with the editorial excellence of Lucky magazine. Aspirational but accessible, luxurious but relatable, The Lucky Group’s mission is to change the way women shop by creating content that fuses inspiration, discovery and purchase—all through Lucky’s signature editorial point of view.

The Lucky Group operates Lucky’s print, digital, mobile and new e-commerce platform, and continues to develop BeachMint’s private label offering within the jewelry, footwear, apparel and intimate verticals.

Founded: 2009 Partnered: 2017

Public Symbol: PHUN

Phunware offers iOS & Android application development platforms, category-defining mobile experiences & monetization for leading publishers & advertisers.

Axiom Microdevices
Founded: 2002

Acquired by: Skyworks

Axiom Microdevices Inc. is a supplier of Power Amplifiers and other RF semiconductor devices for the worldwide mobile handset market. Axiom’s technology innovation is the ability to implement high power RF components using conventional Silicon CMOS technology, enabling Watt level RF power amplifiers without the requirement for a module package or GaAs processes. This technology reduces both design complexity and cost for handset manufacturers.

Demand Media
Founded: 2006 Partnered: 2006

Public Symbol: LEAF

Demand Media is a social media company that connects content creators and large audiences with advertisers through its network of vertical media web properties. By using its proprietary social media tools and the unique distribution platform of the world’s second largest domain registrar, Demand Media provides an interactive, personalized and vertically-focused media experience for users.


Acquired by: Google

NevenVision develops the world’s most advanced machine vision software based on technology that includes facial detection and recognition as well as general object recognition. The company’s technology today is deployed across a wide range of Google products including Picasa, Google + and Google Goggles.


Acquired by: Teradyne

Nextest Systems Corporation is the low-cost leader in the design and manufacturing of automated test equipment for non-volatile memory, micro-controllers, ASIC and System-on-a-chip (SOC) semiconductors. Its products uniquely address the growing demand for increased speeds, reliability, functionality and capacity, while reducing time to market and the cost of test.

Founded: 2013 Partnered: 2013

Layer is the open communications Layer for the Internet Apps can build messaging, voice and video into web and mobile apps in minutes. Layer was started to make rich, secure, scalable communications easy. Layer is the open communications layer for the Internet, enabling the power of messaging, voice and video calling in any mobile or web product. The Layer team is full of developers and designers passionate about enabling people to communicate better across all the products they use.

Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2013

Acquired by: Discovery Networks

Panna is the first-ever video, cooking magazine for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. An entirely new resource for the home cook, Panna merges beautiful high definition video technology with the expertise of established master chefs. With home kitchens and backyard grills as backdrops for each recipe video, the chefs demonstrate step-by-step cooking technique in an engaging, approachable style. As they chop, talk, and sauté, they impart cooking tips and insights in their asides. Panna was named one of the best apps of 2012 by Apple and selected 3 times for the coveted editors choice feature.

Planet A.T.E.
Founded: 2001

Acquired by: Intersil

Planet A.T.E. is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and sells highly integrated mixed signal “System on a Chip” (SoC) components to the manufacturers of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). Planet ATE focuses on the analog and pin electronics portion of the tester, and the company’s mission is to enable ATE manufacturers to dramatically reduce the cost of test by integrating all per-pin analog circuitry into a single IC. The company’s products target high-growth semiconductor markets such as flash memory chips.


Acquired by: Lockerz

Plixi specializes in providing an innovative open API, and mobile SDKs, to the developer community of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more to come. The platform empowers third-party application developers to quickly add media sharing capabilities and other unique features to their applications without incurring the resources to build, innovate and manage a media sharing infrastructure.

Prism Skylabs
Founded: 2011 Partnered: 2012

Prism Skylabs is a unique cloud service that transforms any video camera into a visual merchandising and business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device. By condensing customer interaction into stunning, privacy-protected imagery and reports, Prism Skylabs allows offline businesses to measure conversion, understand long-term trends, and dig in to powerful analytics — from dwell time to footpaths to product lift — using the cameras they already have.

RF Magic
Founded: 2000

Acquired by Entropic

RF Magic is a fabless semiconductor company that sells complex, highly integrated systems-on-a-chip radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). The company has a broad suite of products that target consumer electronic devices and included tuners (digital TV, satellite, and cable) and band-translating switches.

Founded: 2001

Acquired by Informatica

Siperian is an enterprise software company. Siperian’s solutions help companies unify critical data about customers, products and organizations that is fragmented across systems to deliver reliable, complete views of this data within existing business processes. They have pioneered this new category of applications, now called master data management (MDM), and are a recognized leader in the space.

Founded: 2009 Partnered: 2011

Acquired by: Teradata

StackIQ’s mission is to make the task of managing Big Infrastructure easy. Rocks+ is a comprehensive software suite that automates the provisioning, deployment, and management of big infrastructure for big data, cloud computing or high performance computing. StackIQ lets customers fully automate the provisioning, configuration and management of heterogeneous multi-server systems from bare-metal to the applications layer.

Founded: 1998

Acquired by: QLOGIC

TROIKA Networks is a systems company that is focused on storage products. The company has developed the leading storage services virtualization switch for storage area networks (SAN’s), which partners can use to simplify the development and deployment of networked-based storage services. Troika’s technology dramatically reduces the cost of managing networked storage.

Founded: 2014

Developer of an integrated screen optimization platform designed to bring television and digital video advertising together. The company’s platform empowers to execute to the metrics that matter using software and data that optimize brand marketing investment to real business outcomes, enabling advertisers and media owners to transact across various devices.

Founded: 2006

Acquired by: Google

Viewdle is a machine vision technology company that enables consumers to manage, tag, and share their media at the point of capture. Founded in 2007, Viewdle has developed the only commercially available technology capable of real-time, cross-platform visual analysis. Viewdle’s patented facial recognition system automatically identifies faces in videos and photos across mobile phones, computers and in the cloud.

Wave Financial
Founded: 2018 Partnered: 2018

Wave Financial offers early-stage investment, asset management, and treasury management to further the growth of the digital asset ecosystem

Founded: 2006

Aquired by: Ebay

VuVox is an easy to use production and instant sharing service that allows users to mix, create, and blend their personal media- video, photos, and music into rich personal experiences.

Founded: 2001

Acquired by: Gilat

Wavestream is a semiconductor and systems company that develops a new generation of compact, high-efficiency, solid-state power amplifiers to bring greater mobility and capability to communications and sensing systems around the world. The revolutionary designs enable an order of magnitude improvement in size, weight, power, and performance. In most cases, the only alternative to Wavestream’s semiconductor-based solutions are vacuum-tube based amplifiers, a technology that is decades old and has several limitations compared to the solid-state solution that Wavestream offers.