72 Silicon Beach

We turn how-to into have done

We invest primarily in early stage Series A and B technology companies.  Our typical deal size is initial investment between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 with reserve for follow-on investments.  We are active investors who almost always lead or co-lead and take a board seat.  Our focus is primarily on Southern California investments.

So what makes us unique?  We take every investment very personally.  We fight to the death for our founders and our companies. We are not building a portfolio, we are building relationships with founders who want to do big things.  If we invest in 10 deals we expect all 10 to work. We take losses as hard as you do.  We try to work as hard as the successful entrepreneurs we’re fortunate to work with and we tend to be the go-to guys to support our founders when things are going wrong.

We’re always looking for that unique blend of talents that we think define a true entrepreneur. We are contrarian investors who look at under the radar opportunities and stay away from areas we think are crowded.